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JAS was born on 23th January 1938 in Barcelona. His parents, Antonio Segurado Guerra and Celia García Calleja. Antonio (+1988), an Insurance Actuary and winner of Special Study Award (Premio Extraordinario de Carrera) and Insurance Gold Medal, was a respected director and company advisor and 110 meter hurdle Spanish Champion. Celia (+1957) was the real engine and spiritual guide of the family –made up of four brothers: J. Antonio, Luis Javier, Miguel Angel y Francisco Jesús (Paco)- until her early death. All the brothers are entrepreneurs and remain active.

José A. Segurado today

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Segurado & Galobart, S.L. (S & G) (Business and Investment Advisors) (1991→). [Photo 27] | [Photo 28]
  • Chairman of the Advisory Board of Alkora, Insurance brokerage, S.A.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, CIC, and member of the Executive Commision of EBRO FOODS, S.A.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Covirán.
  • Founder Honorary Chairman of CEIM (Madrid Employers’ Confederation). [Photo 29] | [Photo 30] | [Photo 31] | [Photo 32]
  • Member of the Board of Directors of CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Associations).
  • Honorific Prize to the “Asociacionismo Empresarial”, awarded by the Cámara de Comercio e Industria of Madrid and CEIM (2003).
  • The Great Cross of the Order of the 2nd of May, awarded by the Madrid Autonomous Community in 2010. [Photo 33]
  • Gold medal of the Colegio de Mediadores de Seguros (2012).
  • Contributor to ABC (2013-2014→).
  • Contributor to Radio Nacional de España since 1998. “Hoy no es un día cualquiera” hosted by Pepa Fernández and “24 Horas” hosted by Miguel A. Domínguez.
  • Ocassional contributor to TVE, Tele 5 and Telemadrid.

JAS studied a baccalaureate with Agustine Priests (1949-1951) and at La Salle Maravillas. At the Business University of Deusto he studied Economics and Law (1955-1957) and during summers studied and worked in England. Upon the death of his mother he decided to start to work as an insurance agent and representative of the Insurance Company Alianza at the North American Base in Torrejón de Ardoz, jobs that he made compatible with teaching of English classes and continuing his Law studies. In 1956 he became an Independent insurance broker, which he continues to be to date.

He married Maria del Mar Martí Goenaga in 1961, from whom he separates in 1970, and with whom he had three sons: José Antonio (+1992), Jorge y Jaime (+1995); and three grandchildren: Iván (1989), Alejandro (1999) y Daniela (2001).

In 1963 he started his business activity (1), as well as his participation in the setting up of business associations. In 1973 married Ana Galobart Satrústegui, with whom he had a daughter, Ana, and two grandsons, Lucas (2009) and Aleksander (2013).

In 1977, invited by J.M. Sunyer and Max Mazin, he took an active part in the creation, organization and management of the Madrid entrepreneur movement (AEIM-CEIM) (2) and in representation of Madrid employers in the foundation, development and management of the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations, the CEOE.


  • Founder & Chairman of AEIM (Madrid Enterprise’s Independent Group), (1977/1978).
  • Founder & Chairman of CEIM (Madrid Employer’s Confederation) (1978/1985). [Photo 5] | [Photo 6] | [Photo 7] | [Photo 8] | [Photo 9]
  • Founder, Treasurer and Vicechairman of CEOE (Spanish Employer’s Confederation) (1978/1985) and President of its Foreign Relations Committee. [Photo 10] | [Photo 11]
  • Member of the Executive Committee of CICYP (Consejo Interamericano de Comercio y Producción) (1982/1985).

In 1979, jointly with C. Ferrer, he achieved the admission of a group of Spaniards in the Trilateral Commission, chaired by David Rockefeller. (3).

In 1983, Manuel Fraga offered him the opportunity to stand for Mayor of Madrid in representation of the AP-PDP coalition, but he turned down the offer. The board of CEIM agreed, by secret ballot, to consider his decision as a strictly personal one.

In 1985 he was elected President of the Liberal Party and began his political activity (4), with the priority being to unite the Spanish Center Right. The 28th of February 1990 he retired from politics for personal reasons (the illness of his sons), resigning from all his positions. He moved his home to Mallorca and, with the invaluable help of his wife, he got over the emptiness caused by the death of two of his sons and continued with his business activity and also his presence in the media. (5)


  • President of the Liberal Party and of its Parlamentary Group (1985/1989). [Photo 15] | [Photo 16] | [Photo 17] | [Photo 18] | [Photo 19] | [Photo 20]
  • Member of Congress (M.P.) Elected in 1986, “III Legislatura” under the formula of Popular Coalition (Popular Alliance, Popular Democratic Party and Liberal Party). Member of the Standing Commission of Congress.
  • Reelected in 1989, “IV Legislatura”, by the Popular Party.
  • Vicepresident of the Popular Party and of its Parlamentary Group (1989/1990). [Photo 21]
  • President of the Delegate Commission of the Executive Committee for Economics Affairs. Speaker of the Popular Party in the Economic Commission of Congress and member of the Budgetary Commission until February 28th 1990 when, for personal reasons, he resigned from his positions and seat in Congress.
  • Chairman of “Fundación José Canalejas” (1987 /1991). [Photo 22]

  • Special Advisor to the Chairman of Banesto (1990­-11/1993)
  • Chairman of Segurado y Galobart, S.L. (1991, to this day)
  • Chairman & C.E.O. of JASINAS, S.L. (1992/1997).
  • Member of the Advisory Board of J.W.Thompson Spain (1995/1997). [Photo 23]
  • Board member of V.I.E. (1988-1989), La Unión y El Fénix, Le Phenix Espagnol and Acerinox (1990/1993), CENAVI (1991-1993), Carlos de Salamanca (1991/1995), Work Proyectos y Desarrollos Inmobiliarios (1999) and VUSA (1997/2003). [Photo 24]
  • Honorific Prize to the “Asociacionismo Empresarial”, awarded by the Cámara de Comercio e Industria of Madrid and CEIM (2003). [Photo 25] | [Photo 26]
  • Chairman of the Advisory Board of Quando Group, Enterprises Development, S.L. (October 2009 to October 2011).
  • Contributor to Intereconomía (“El gato al agua”, hosted by Antonio Jiménez, along 2010).
  • Contributor to VEO7 TV (“La vuelta al mundo”, hosted by Ernesto Sáenz de Buruaga along 2010 and by Carlos Cuesta during 2011).
  • Contributor to COPE (“Así son las mañanas”, hosted by Ernesto Sáenz de Buruaga since 2010).
  • Contributor to RNE (”24 Horas”, hosted by Carlos Garrido. 2013)
  • Occasional contributor to TVE, Tele 5 and Telemadrid.

In 1995, at the request of Pedro Serra, to whom His Majesty (H.M.) the King had suggested the need to widen the cultural offer in Mallorca, he set in motion and took on the role of Chairman, until 2000, of Club Ultima Hora, that undertook an intensive activity, with several Nobel Peace Prizes winners and distinguished celebrities, appearing on its rostrum, as well as setting up Study Working days, in collaboration with the R. Areces Foundation and, occasionally with the presence of Her Majesty (H.M.) the Queen and His Royal Highness (H.R.H.) the Prince of Asturias.

He has written many articles for Última Hora de Mallorca (1994-2000), Diario 16 (1998-2001), El País (2002-2003) and ABC (2013-2014→), about political, economic and social issues. He has given several conferences.

He has numerous hobbies: reading, travelling, the ballet and jazz music. He likes beeing alone and the silence of his library.

He defines himself as a free man, loyal to his ideas, friends and collaborators, transparent, very demanding with himself and the people around him whose feelings he sometimes hurts unwittingly, much to his surprise and displeasure.